(photo: Jure Eržen)

The reading of the Constitution and its implementation must be the language of the Heart and the lovingly forgiving way to the Other, the connection of Man with Man, a matter of and in the function of Freedom, Dignity, and Humanity, the framework of the Democratic Community.


Andraž Teršek holds a Doctorate in (constitutional) law from Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. As a legal theoretician and philosopher, but above all as a modern constitutionalist, he is a representative of the legal avant-garde. He worked for ten years as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. Since 2008 he has been a university professor at the Faculty of Education and at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska (Koper), where he teaches Media Law, Law and Ethics in Education, and Active Critical Citizenship. Until 2021 he was also employed at the European Faculty of Law, New University (Ljubljana & Nova Gorica), where he has been teaching Constitutional Law and Theory and practice of the Welfare State. In his lectures, he combines constitutional law, legal theory and practice, ethics, philosophy, political science, psychology, educational sciences and active critical citizenship. He is the author of several scientific and professional monographs, the editor of several thematic scientific collections of papers and the author of numerous scientific, professional and popular-science articles. As an active critical citizen and “political animal” (in the Aristotelian sense), he works with frequent public appearances in the form of newspaper articles, commentaries, interviews, round table discussions, and lectures. For several years he was an assistant editor at the first Slovenian scientific journal for human rights DIGNITAS. He designed and co-founded the first Slovenian scientific journal for constitutional law and philosophy of law REVUS. In 2013 and 2016 he received the “Prometheus of Science – for outstanding achievements in communicating science” award. He is counted among the “Ten most influential lawyers.” In 2014 he published his literary debut “Brutalci” (Brutals, published by UMco), and in 2018 the book of philosophical poetry “Razmetanost pozlačenega drobca” (Scattering of Gilded Crumb, published by Primus). In June 2020, the President of the Republic of Slovenia nominated him for the office of Judge of the Constitutional Court Republic of Slovenia to the National Assembly. He was not elected to this office, although he was publicly assured and promised a firm majority of votes – at least 50. He received only 42 votes (of the required 46), and 8 ballots were invalid.

(photo: BoBo)